CARSWELL Recruiting

Your Need is Our Mandate

You need more than a position filled - you need the right person with the right skills with the right fit.   Yet you don't have the time or expertise to find that perfect fit at an affordable cost within the time frame you need. Carswell Search is waiting for your call.   We will take over the process from start to finish until the position is filled with the candidate who has the skills, the motivation and most importantly the cultural fit for your organization. You can expect to be fully aware of every step in the process.   And our communication will keep you fully in the loop without requiring your time.  You watch.  We perform.  You win.

The Right Candidate

Carswell Search's process is comprehensive.   Searches are not an exhaustive, expensive net thrown as wide as possible in a futile attempt to find the right candidate culled from hundreds.  Instead, Carswell Search applies a strategic approach, understanding the position and your company in all facets first then using our local contacts, databases, and other methods to selectively pursue the best candidates.    

The Carswell Advantages

Carswell Search is a service of Carswell Partners - one of the most respected human resources consultancies in Canada.  We draw upon our experience and expertise in assessment, transition, development and HR advisory to fully inform our search and assessment of candidates.   This unique ability in search firms provides assurance that you will receive the best chance for a candidate who has the skills, knowledge and cultural fit for the position in your organization.  You can trust Carswell Partners because of our 25 year history, our reputation, our wide expertise and our commitment to you.    

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