Select the Right Talent

Carswell Partners provides a range of resources and consulting expertise to develop competency models and assess individuals, teams or your entire organization to help you select the right talent for the right roles.

Competency Modeling

With an appropriate competency model in place, you can be assured that roles throughout the organization are aligned with and support your strategic objectives. To efficiently achieve corporate objectives, every role in the organization must be well defined and aligned with those objectives. Competency modeling helps identify and define the roles and career paths within the company, as the skills, proficiencies, and characteristics employees need to be successful in those positions. 

Individual, Team & Organizational Assessments

Our assessment experts and comprehensive assessment approach can bridge the gap between factors that limit and those that free individuals, team and organizations to achieve higher results. From hiring to transferring employees to optimizing productivity, employers must continually analyze and develop each individual's potential in terms of performance, engagement, leadership and alignment. The same analysis of potential holds true for teams and the entire organization.