Effectively Transition Talent

Carswell Partners helps employers successfully transition employees through quality outplacement, redeployment, transfer and promotions, workforce planning, spouse/partner relocation and retirement planning.

Outplacement / Career Transition

Downsizing your organization can be complicated, yet a necessary occurrence and we provide careful planning and flawless implementation to prevent erosion of your business. Participants receive one-on-one support, 24/7 access to online tools and training including personal branding and resume writing for transition assistance. We can assist with pre-planning and post-downsizing initiatives to support remaining employees and ongoing business activities.

Redeployment, Transfer & Promotions

Transitioning into a new role, new department, new career or new location can be exciting and challenging at times. To help employees remain productive we offer multiple resources to communicate changes, retain employees, prepare employees for new roles and manage integration within the organization. Our programs promote timely assimilation to bolster the employee's confidence, morale and contributions to the organization's success.

Retirement Planning

"Retirement" is now considered a period of transition where individuals refocus their lifestyles to align with personal circumstances. New Horizons - Mapping Your Life Options®, a proprietary program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for retirement by assessing readiness and strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle.