Career Partners International Leads the Outplacement Industry in Performance Metrics

August 16, 2016 - COLUMBUS, OH—Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest career management consultancies in the world, shares industry-leading data from their global technology solution, Momentum™. For over 15 years, Career Partners International has been collecting performance metrics on the services they provide. No newcomer to analytics, CPI’s fully integrated Global Technology Platform, Momentum™ has helped thousands of clients and individuals with their career management needs.

Where Have all the Leaders Gone?

This book was a fascinating read a few years back, written by Lee Iacocca, around the time of George Bush’s presidency. His rallying call at the time was that there was a general lack of leadership in the U.S. and that his country would falter as a result. Published in early 2008, his book was timed perfectly with the economic meltdown that soon followed.

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Because It Is 2015! By Terry Gillis, Carswell Partners Inc.

That was the response from Canada's newest Prime Minister when asked why he felt gender equality in cabinet was so important. His body language suggested that such a question was so odd, yet for many, I am sure they were baffled by it all.
I starting mulling over that response and realized there are likely many other things like gender equality that should be “normal” in 2015…but may not be.
Here are a few I jotted down as they pertain to talent management and human resources.  Feel free to add yours to the list:

Would you Want Commoditized Career Transition (Outplacement) Services? - By Terry Gillis, Carswell Partners inc.

In good times when jobs abounded, people could often land in new roles with little more than a resume service and a brush-up on interviewing skills. Career Transition (Outplacement) services became commoditized in the last decade as a result. However, in the dramatically changed business environment of the 21st century those tactics are not effective.

Five Tips for SME Employer Branding - By Norman Tiffin, Carswell Partners Inc.

Quickly: Can you describe your employer brand? (Employer branding is the employer’s reputation as an employer and is a result of your organization’s efforts to be attractive to potential employees.)

A common response to this question is “I don’t know” or “We don’t have one.” But you do have an employer brand even if you haven’t given it much thought.

So understanding that even small and medium businesses can leverage their company’s employees, product or culture to attract the best talent available here are five tips for making it happen.

Failure To Use Proper Assessments Can Be Very Costly - By Terry Gillis - President & Managing Partner, Carswell Partners Inc.

Recently, it was announced that Target Corp. will pay $2.8 million to more than 3,000 rejected job applicants who had taken pre-screening tests that the U.S.

Engaging Challenge-By Barbara Bowes-Career Partners International-Winnipeg

While the last few years have found baby-boomer retirement issues holding top priority, the latest human resource surveys are showing that employee engagement is now taking over the primary lead. In fact, one survey reports that 94 percent of survey participants indicated that employee engagement was the most important workforce challenge they were currently facing (see source at end of post).

Understanding the New Science of Recruitment, by Paul Croteau, Career Partners International - Winnipeg

Recruiting highly talented employees has become more than an art, it has now become a science. Taking a scientific approach means utilizing a number of strong measureable recruitment and selection strategies in order to attract candidates to your organization. Years ago, behavioral descriptive interviewing was introduced and has proven to be remarkably successful in helping organizations select the best candidate with the right fit for any position.

The Big Bad Wolf: External Coaching and Problematic Personalities

Rick was a successful senior manager who had a knack for building highly effective teams with some of the best and brightest his organization had to offer.  He was well respected among his peers, admired by his staff, and feared by those who couldn’t quite meet to his expectations.  He was aggressive, arrogant, and quick tempered, traits that seemed to serve him well in his male dominated organization. 

Start your New Year with Your own Board of Directors

This blog is from my colleague in Texas, Barbara Greene – check out her bio at the end of this post.


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